Web3 Decentralized app for modern investors

A decentralized app with multi-chain solutions for the exchange of crypto assets and solving various problems with access to them.
Contract address BEP20: 0xf727324d5075cbd598d1e851635aafc0320f9c86

Revolutionary Swap 2.0 Technology

Afina - The First Swap Utilizing ETH To Power Afina DAO Functionality. Advancing the blockchain through NEW revolutionary technology.

Real-time Rewards with native coin

This proprietary tech allows the native token of blockchain instead of the AFN token to be utilized in the swap. In return, projects utilizing the Swap 2.0 function inside of Afina swap will create a positive effect on all projects. All holders rewards and marketing costs will be held in the native blockchain coin - making AFN more stable.

Multi chain bridge

Afina will gradually be launched on all existing blockchains supporting EVM. Solving the problem of current multi-chain bridges that are located on just a few blockchains. Hovewer, you need to go through a lot of obstacles to exchange them! Therefore, Afina will provide the ability to exchange your assets between blockchains by a click.

Multi Chain DEX Aggregator

Afina DEX Aggregator is a simple, privacy-centered swap interface designed to streamline the token swapping experience into a single app. Fetching data from all the major DEX, Afina DEX Aggregator finds the best quote quickly without any of the extra bloat of a complicated swap interface.

Afina DAO

% of each purchase or sale transaction of the AFINA token goes to the AFINA DAO fund. % is different in each network in which our token will work. Using this fund, we invest in projects at the stage of private and seed rounds, as well as in AI Trading technologies. With these investments, we bring much more profit to our holders by buying back the AFINA token with the profit which we received, and burning it.

Manage your crypto assets

In addition, to the possibility of exchanging various coins on different blockchains, each user can see the statistics of his portfolio, its profitability or losses in 1 convenient place and make decisions on the sale or exchange of his assets. All this is done completely automatically and without human intervention. You are 100% the owner of your assets and no one, but you.


Tokenomics was created so that users can earn income, and we can constantly develop our project. Commissions for buying and selling are different in each network. % added to liquidity. % goes to user rewards - rewards are paid in BNB ETH AVAX MATIC etc. % Afina DAO. % goes to marketing. Read more in our whitepaper...

Afina AI trading

Afina AI trading is a highly profitable trading on a decentralized market based on the “buy low - sell high” principle.

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How it works?

At the moment, the bot uses this methods to make a profit:
Based on the deep learning trading algorithm with our modifications,
the neural network analyzes:
all news regarding crypto, politics and finance
social networks
crypto chats and signal channels
current volumes by trading pairs
It has already processed all news and consequences for the last 5 years on crypto and taking into account new events (news, social networks, chats and trading volumes) Thus, the network chooses the optimal entry point for futures and the optimal exit point. Our and our followers’ tests have shown the absolute effectiveness of this method.

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Due to the instability of the market and the self-learning algorithms of the neural network that controls the bot, its algorithms will be constantly adjusted. For up-to-date information, follow our social networks.

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Intelligent DeFi & AI Platform Powered by Telegram API with multi-chain Crypto Wallet

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Multifunctional alternative Telegram client with advanced functionality and DeFi & AI tools.

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Afinagram implements advanced features not found in Telegram. This is a multi-chain crypto wallet, dex aggregator, new themes and advanced folder settings, administration tools, connecting up to 10 accounts and much more. Afinagram and Telegram are interchangeable, the structure of the messenger has a common server side and is fully synchronized. Authorization of users, transfer and storage of chat data occurs through the servers of the official client. Experience a new level of messenger usage without losing your familiar Telegram environment and security.

Doxxed and experienced Team

Road to web 3

Our amazing roadmap

Define the purpose of Afina Finance and Token
Research, Identify, develop and test token structure
Comparison analysis of pre-selected tokens to maximize profit
Create social media accounts, website and White Paper
Website launch
Marketing Campaign
Private Sale

Launch OF DEX Aggregator
Private Sale
Fairlaunch in BSC Network
Airdrop (AFN BSC) for private sale members
Launch of AFINA DAO
Lauch of AI Trading
More Marketing
Fairlaunch in Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom.
Airdrop (AFN AVAX,MATIC,FTM) for private sale members

Main presale in ETH network
Launch in ETH network
Airdrop for private sale members (vesting)
Logos in WEB3 apps and wallets
Launch of AFINA WEB3 Dapp
More marketing
Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
Raffle of Dodge Challanger Yellow Jacket
First CEX listings
Release of Afinagram
Listing on TIER2 CEX
Release of Roadmap v2

Doxxed and experienced Team